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Siôn grew up in the Northwest of England in the city of Liverpool. After graduating high school, Siôn was recruited to play college soccer in St. Louis, Missouri. He later earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the University of South Florida. After graduation, Siôn enlisted in the US Army as an Infantryman, eventually earning a spot at Officer Candidate School. He was
subsequently commissioned as an Armor Officer and spent the best part of 10 years leading and mentoring soldiers while in the US and deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Egypt. Siôn held numerous leadership positions as a Platoon Leader, Executive Officer, Advisor, Staff Officer, and Troop Commander. While on active duty, he also completed his Master of Arts in International Relations with a concentration in Transnational Conflict Resolution at the American Military University. After being honorably discharged, Siôn was immediately snapped up by a Fortune 500 company, where he worked as an Environmental, Health, and Safety Manager. Siôn lives in the Apex area. Siôn is the proud parent to three lovable bunnies, Rickey, Pancakes and Loki and three adorable cats Punkin, Shawshank and Winnie. Siôn fills his free time playing soccer and fishing with a local Veteran’s support group. He is truly invested in the Triangle area. The values Siôn learned in the Army: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage are the cornerstones he has built his life around and they help shape his interactions with each of his clients. As a dedicated leader of professionals with 19 years of experience in the military, corporate, and small business environments, Siôn has valuable skills that he uses daily in real estate negotiations, educating buyers and sellers, conducting investment analysis, and effective marketing.

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