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Commercial Real Estate Advisor

I have never shied away from a challenge and trying new things is at the core of who I am. At the age of 18, I set out to make my own way; moving across the country from a small town in Michigan, putting myself through college and earning a U.S. Army Reserve scholarship along the way. When my unit was called to active duty, I lived outside the U.S. for the first time, igniting my curiosity about meeting new people and the places they choose to live and work.


My fascination with real estate started in much the same way. From buying my first house in Indianapolis, nearly three decades ago, to renovating my home in Northern Virginia and managing my own rental properties here in the Triangle, I became obsessed with finding and creating the ideal places to live. The opportunity to partner with commercial real estate clients, from small business owners to professionals and investors, to find their ideal places to work, presents a challenge that I am prepared to meet.


With a B.S. in chemical engineering from N.C. State and professional engineering credentials in three states and Puerto Rico, I developed a strong, technical knowledge base over the past 25 years. I have direct experience in all phases of project delivery, from concept through design, construction, operation and maintenance.


Optimal site selection, technical analysis and attention to detail are key principles I use to advise clients with their analysis and ultimately, with their decision to take the leap on just the right place to grow their current business ideas into reality.


I also get excited about biking, yoga, walking, reading, making art and playing video games with my tween, helping out the school drama club and scrolling Twitter.


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