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ESP Commercial Advisors are essential for tenants seeking a new or the next location for their property. Our Advisors are master negotiators and market experts. They will aggressively pursue the best lease terms for their client and insure that they set up that tenant for long term growth and success.

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ESP Commercial Advisors can help the owner unlock their property’s potential. They will work side by side with the owner to understand their unique goals and provide market expertise  and offer the most effective marketing techniques that will showcase your property’s qualities. Our Advisors will position your property in a way that attracts and secures the right tenants for you.

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Our Advisors will help you manage risk and maximize returns for your portfolio. They do this by studying and analyzing, to the granular level, all the available information from every relevant source. They will work closely with owners and buyers to find new opportunities, leverage income and stay ahead of the latest trends to make the best, data-driven decision possible.

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95 people move to the Triangle everyday. Our area is a haven for new and relocating businesses because savvy owner/operators can leverage the Triangle's educated work force pool and growing business climate. ESP Commercial Advisors can help smooth this process; from facilitating licensing and local permitting, to providing introductions to trusted local services such as movers, contractors and lawyers. They can help make this stressful time a whole lot less worrying.

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ESP Commercial advisors work closely with owners to design and implement a strategy to maximize the value of their property. Buyer clients will benefit from our up to the minute analysis and search tools. Each ESP Commercial advisor will negotiate to reach the most advantageous outcome for our clients.

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ESP Commercial Advisors have two goals when acting as your Property Manager; to protect and to maximize your return on investment. Our advisors will be dedicated to serve as your eyes, ears, and local representative to ensure your property operates long term both efficiently and effectively. 

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